What is the Process to Get a Kitten?

Initial Contact

The first contact is generally though email and can be as brief as simply asking if, or when, we will have kittens available. That will generally result in a reply that will not only hopefully answer your question(s), but point you to several parts of our website where we attempt to explain the process.

An examples of such a pointer would be

Most common questions are answered in those pages. We will of course do our best to explain any of the details or clarify items in followup emails and phone calls. In the initial stages we prefer to communicate though email. We get a great many emails that simply ask the price of a kitten and it is common that we will ignore those emails.

This policy is not pure elitism on our part. Our website generates significant traffic and we get far to many inquiries to handle things any other way.

Viewing the kittens

We generally do not allow clients to view kittens until they are fully weaned and had their first shots. That is usually around 8 weeks. Until that point kittens are very susceptible to a variety of communicable diseases and parasites, several of which can be tracked in on your hands or clothes.

Communicating with us

In the early stages of getting to know each other emails work best for us as we both work full time. This is a very popular website and we get far to many hits to talk to everyone in person. With so many inquiries it is hard to keep track of everyone so emails allow me to keep a record of people which in turn helps me try an match the right kitten to the right home.

Now all of that said, we obviously will, and do, talk on the phone or in person if needed or once we have gotten to the point that we are close to placing a kitten with you.


While it is not required, once we narrow down the candidates we like to meet them in person if possible. We schedule 1 hour appointments in the cattery to visit litters once they are approximately 8 weeks or older.

If everyone is satisfied a non-refundable $250 deposit can be made on a kitten. We realize not everyone can make it here and we do allow for that. If you can not make it down for a visit it would be great if you spent a little extra time on your emails about yourself. It helps us try and match a kitten with the right personality to fit in your home and meet your expectations.


Because our kittens are continually being evaluated as they develop we reserve the right to re-assess their price.

Once a deposit is placed on a kitten the price is locked in and will not increase.

The deposit is non-refundable because we stop marketing the kitten as soon as a deposit is made. We accept cash,  Paypal and Interact Direct Bank Transfers both at the cattery and online . We do not accept anything else.

Spend some time on our website and drop us an email telling us about you, your home and your expectations from a Bengal. If it all goes well and we have a kitten that feels correct for you we will welcome you into our family.