The Bengal

a 6 month old male Bengal in profile

A young male posing.

It has been quite a few years since we started breeding and yet sitting here watching a spotted kitten race around the living room it is hard to believe there isn’t some hidden catch.

Genetically vibrant strong healthy intelligent animals, Bengals are socially confident, curious and loving and they have swept though the cat world like no other breed.

At the same time, perhaps no other breed has caused so much controversy. While it has quickly become the most registered breed with TICA, it also is perhaps the most misunderstood breed of cat.

Often described as dog like because of their affinity for water or traits like fetching their favorite toys or walking on a leash.

WildOne, our first Queen

WildOne was our first Queen. She is retired now and living the life of luxury.

I think a better example of their personality is that for the several days I spent constructing the new rafters and sub floor in our house WildOne watched every single thing I did.

When I say watched, I mean she studied my actions with an intensity that suggested she was memorizing my every move. Seeing me using power tools like the skilsaw and table saw simply fascinated her and I had to repeatedly shoe her away from potential harm as she insisted on having a closer look. That’s not cat like or dog like, that’s Bengal like. They are not like any other companion you have ever had. They are a true alpha animal and an extraordinary friend.

Our web site, like out cattery, is small but if you spend some time with us you will find a wealth of information. We love our Bengal’s but we do not believe they are for everyone. As breeders our goal is not so much to sell you a cat as it is to find suitable companions for our babies as we strive to improve the breed.