Retired Queens

ICSpots WildOne, or Wild as we call her, was our first Bengal. She was an amazing kitten that lived up to everything we had read about Bengals. We retired her at a young age due to the difficulties she had with birthing. We felt it was to stressful for her.

Breeders Queen on the aquarium
Breedr Queen king pretty
The thing that first grabs you is her eyes but as you get to know her you find there is a lot going on behind those eyes. She is an extremely intelligent cat who likes to carefully watch everything you do.
Breeders Bengal looking in aquarium
She is very ALC like with a small head on a long neck and she thickens up as you move back to the haunches. She is glitter free which is part of the reason for the extremely high contrast markings
Breeders Queen showing her pattern
Head shot o breeders Queen Personality wise she is absolutely wonderful to be around. She is a very confident, intelligent, curious and motherly companion.Make a noise and she is right there checking it out. She follows us around the house inspecting everything we touch and watching everything we do. She studies her surrounding with an intensity that suggests that she is memorizing them.

She is very sensitive to the moods of those around her and if she feels something is out of sorts she exhibits great concern.

WildOne checks out every one that comes to our home and is not shy about getting up close to strangers.

She is a massive purr factory and she does crawl up beside us on the couch in the evenings and usually sleeps on our bed.

We are very very pleased that we opened our home to her and cannot imagine living here with out her now. All in all WildOne is a truly unique and special companion. Because so many of a Bengals personality traits are socialized into them by their mother it should be no surprise that every person that has adopted one of her kittens has either come back for another or is on the waiting list.