Our Cattery

We live in a place called the Bay of Quinte, a spectacular part of Ontario Canada, located just off the 401 highway about half way between Oshawa and Kingston. It makes for a convenient place to come see our sweet hearts and in rare cases we will make use of the Toronto airport to deliver one of our companions to a distant home.

Spaz, our oldest friend

Spaz was our oldest friend. This picture was taken on his 20th birthday.

How we came to be

We had planned on becoming breeders for many years but put if off out of respect to Spaz, a tom we raised from a kitten. We felt it would not be fair to him to bring kittens into the home with him in his elder years. We made that decision when Spaz was around fifteen and used the next five years to read and learn everything we could in preparation.

How we chose Bengal’s

We wanted a strong healthy vibrant breed and we wanted that breed to exemplify the best features and traits of cats in general. We really liked the idea of the some of the new breeds based on hybrids as they avoid the genetic deterioration that many breeds have suffered over the years. Not only are they genetically strong and typically healthy but these modern hybrid based breeds seemed to offer a higher level of intelligence.

I think the clincher for us had to be the personality though. We really wanted a breed that offered the best of the social traits found in the modern cat. After a year of research we came to the conclusion that the Bengal offered everything we were looking for.

The Bengal is a modern hybrid based breed that has been stabilized and today the vast majority of Bengal’s are the result of Bengal to Bengal breeding’s. It is an extremely popular show breed and is fully recognized by TICA. Just as importantly though is that its an extremely intelligent animal with a truly amazing personality. It appeared to us that it was not just everything we had wanted but perhaps more then we thought was possible.

XFactor being cute

XFactor being as cute a possible

So it was decided and we started talking to Bengal breeders.  We had no difficulty finding breeders that were willing to sell us breeder quality kittens but we did have some difficulty in finding the right breeder. Most were eliminated based on their web sites alone. Misinformation, absurd or misleading marketing and in many cases pure ignorance or outright lies.

Out of the breeders that stood above the crowd some had waiting lists for their kittens or simply no kittens available. Others were to far away.

At this point we are very pleased that we spent the time looking for a breeder with the ethics and experience we wanted. As we continue our journey we are discovering that many of the cattery’s exist primarily as a means of either generating income or as a means of disposing of the failures of a tightly targeted breeding program. It is not that there is anything wrong with these businesses, its just that the cattery’s interest often seem to be of a higher priority then the clients or the kittens.

We love cats and we started this as a means of turning a strong interest into a more comprehensive hobby. It is our wish to breed animals that display the best attributes of the show Bengal with a personality that exceeds anyone’s expectations for a personal companion.

WildOne, our first Bengal

WildOne, our first Bengal


The socialization aspect is critical in our opinion. The Bengal has a personality that is different then any normal pet. A personality that elevates it to the level of a personal companion. In order for the full potential of that personality to be realized the Bengal needs to be correctly socialized from a very young age.

As a result we will not allow any of our kittens to leave before they are twelve weeks old. We also reserve the right to keep them up till 16 weeks if we feel it is required for their proper development. ( Click here for an explanation )

In Closing

We are not the end all be all of cattery’s but we have some pretty lofty goals and while we are a young cattery we love our Bengal’s dearly. We treat them like our children. If we can be of any help to you please feel free to contact us