Mothers Day at WildExpressions Bengals

The male Bengal, WildExpressions WeeWilly

WildExpressions WeeWilly

We woke up to a beautiful day today and of course it was  Mothers day so we headed over to my mother in laws apartment.  She used to have a pair, bother and sister, of Russian Blues but they passed on a while back, with in months of each other. We had kept a male back as a potential stud and he moved in with her. It was a win win. We got a spectacular 2nd stud and she got a new friend.

We named him WildExpressions WeeWilly as he was the runt of the litter, a tiny little fellow, but he grew… and grew. WeeWilly weighs 13 lbs these days and he is truly spectacular to behold. His markings are stunning and he inherited an interesting trait from his father, he is an intact male that doesn’t spray.

WeeWilly has had very little disipline as my mother in law believes you can politely scold a cat like WeeWilly and he will learn. She is correct of course, he has quickly learned that he has the run of the house and that while there may be rules, they are largely a grey area.  Cyndy, my wife, attempted to trim his claws and give him some dewormer yesterday and failed on all counts. Today we would tackle it as a team.

WildExpressions WeeWilly, breeders stud in profile

As soon as we walked in he knew something was up. We wished his room mate happy mothers day, took off our shoes and settled in for a bit. He stayed close to the walls and carefully circled the room weaving in and out of the cover of furniture watching us. We tried to act normal but twenty minutes later he is still watching from cover, he knows. 🙂

WeeWilly is strong and he is not above taking a swipe at you and we were about to peeve him off, quite a bit. Cyndy had brought a nice thick towel but I figured I’d just scruff him and hold him. With WeeWilly siting on the floor and me kneeling over him straddeling him while holding him by the scruff we tried to give him the dewormer.

You know I could see it if the stuff tasted bad but most of our cats do not mind the taste at all. A two year old intact male is not most of our cats though. I am constantly amazed at the strength of a Bengal. Pound for pound these have to be one of the strongest animals on the planet. It took 5 or 6 tries but we managed to get most of it in him at which point I stood up with him to see we could do his claws. He was not happy but he tolerated it with only a few hisses to let us know that this was not fair.

I took some pictures of him and thought I’d post them. The first picture was him before and the 2nd was him after. My wife just finished a book on how to understand your cat but you know I think all you have to do is pay attention.

Mother Day for Royal Treat

Brilliant Royal Treat with her latest kittensSome one else was celebrating mothers day as well. Brilliant Royal Treat and ICSpots XFactor are proud to announce the birth of two boys and a girl. (We thought it was 3 boys at first)

All seem healthy and of course they are gorgeous 😀  We will post more pictures and keep everyone up to date on them as they grow. This pairing has consistently produced spectacular cats and we expect these will be all of that.

We saw an ad in the paper today for a breeder that is offering a Bengal Persian cross and saying she had some other Bengal cross coming. It is hard to really fathom these people

Royal Treat, a femal Bengal, feeding her kittens

that produce these half baked crosses at the best of times. But when you are sitting looking at what truly excellent genetics results in it is even harder to fathom. The difference between being an ethical professional breeder and good BYB is often pretty slim but at times like this I am reminded that the high road is always the better road.

Here is another kitten picture for your pleasure 😀



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