How we Evaluate Our Kittens

Judging how the adult will turn out is partially a guessing game but some kittens are so special it almost doesn’t matter.

First I want to make the point that it should raise a small red flag when a breeder prices all of their kittens at the same price. What are the odds that every kitten they produce is the same quality? Unless they are cloning them in a basement lab they are are all quite different.

We consistently produce excellent quality kittens but there is quite a number of considerations that effect any kittens valuation.

The most obvious is confirmation to the breed standard which is something all serious breeders use to rate their kittens. Confirmation to the breed standard refers to a wide range of parameters and the closer the kitten is to the standard the greater its value is as a show or breeder quality kitten.

Even if you are looking for a companion and have no intention of breeding or showing the rules still apply to quality companion Bengals.

Some breeders target the breed standard, some breed for shows and some target characteristics and traits that are popular with buyers. Regardless of the goal the kittens are going to vary from one to the next and so will the price.

The breed standard is as follows.
A Bengal cat is an athletic animal, alert to its surroundings; a friendly, curious, confident cat with strength, agility, balance and grace.

It is a medium to large cat which exhibits a very muscular and solid build.

Its wide nose with prominent whisker pads and large oval, almost round eyes in a slightly small head enhance the wild appearance and expressive nocturnal look.

Its very slight, to nearly straight, concave profile and relatively short ears with wide base and rounded tips add to the Bengal’s distinctive and unique appearance.

The short, dense coat has a uniquely soft and silky feel. The coat may be glittered or not glittered, with neither type to be given preference. A thick, low-set, medium-length tail adds balance to the cat.”

Coloration and Pattern
The above standard is the minimum criteria for rating a Bengal but there are other considerations for the serious breeder. We also rate based on overall coloration, contrast and pattern as well as the size, placement, type and coloration of a kittens spots.

At WildExpressions we are breeding to produce the best companion possible so in addition to appearance we place a significant weight on personality when put a value on a kitten. Our goal is to place the right personality type in the right home. Our genetics are good enough that the looks of the kitten are a given but it is the personality that will make the adult cat your best friend.

We place a lot of weight on personality as it our goal to produce the finest personal companions we can.

We like knowing a lot about a persons home life and their expectations from their Bengal and we will do our best to recommend a kitten that looks like a good fit.

Bengals are highly intelligent animals and as a result their personalities vary considerably.

At the most basic some would be better in a busy home while some would be best in a relatively quiet home.

When we add up all of these various factors we come to an educated conclusion as to the value of a kitten. The average price of our kittens ranges from $850 to $1300 each.