Goldie Found a Home

A while back I was placed into an induced coma with less then 5% odds of ever waking up. How I ended up in that situation is a story in its self but its effect on our businesses and our cattery was that they essentially came to a halt. The aquarium shop was closed for over 2 months and the cattery marketing was halted. We had two kittens at that time and one of them was nick named Goldie. Goldie is from a personality point of view perhaps  the best kitten we have produced to date .

As breeders we have taken a different path then most in that our stated goal is to produce the best personal companions we possibly can. What makes a personal companion vs a pet cat is partially genetics and partially socialization but in the end it is 99% personality.

Goldie’s brother got placed fairly quickly as his markings were stellar but Goldie was left in our care and as I write this she is still with us at 5 months of age.   Her markings are excellent and it is not as if we didn’t have people asking about her. We just never had anyone that we thought was acceptable asking about her so Goldie stayed with us.

We knew this was something that had a very definite time limit on it though. For those of you who have never bred cats, Bengals in particular, pregnant females do not like kittens around them and generally speaking the more pregnant the cat is the less it likes kittens. We have two pregnant cats wandering around the house, one of them very very pregnant and our home is a bit of a war zone of hissing cats.

We could lock up the expecting mothers as that is the norm for catteries but we strongly prefer to allow all of our cats access to the full  house almost all of the time. So we have spent the last few weeks mothering a house full of cats in an effort to keep the peace. Goldie has been absolutely stellar though out all of this but that doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled that an old family friend came forward yesterday to lay claim to our best kitten. If all goes well we will be shipping Goldie to Nova Scotia where she will be welcomed into a wonderful family of cat people.

It is funny when you choose the ethical path as a breeder it so regularly works out.  We have seen that over and over. A while back we bought a kitten back sight unseen from a couple that had made a serious mistake in thinking they were cat people. That kitten it turned out had grown into a simply spectacular cat in the months since we had seen it and we ended up placing it as a breeder in very short order.

So Goldie has found a home with an old friend, and an old friend is getting a new friend that should grow in to a fine personal companion for her  and as a bonus my faith in taking the high road as a breeder has been reaffirmed. It is a good day at WildExpressions, a good day indeed.


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