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This little guy has a wise old soul kind of feel to him that is very apparent when he completely relaxed. It gives a very endearing appearance to him and it will only get stronger as he ages.  As an adult he is going to have a very dignified look to him.

He is a soft hearted kitten and tends to be a little more reserved than his littermates.  That is not to say he is shy as this is a very outgoing litter of kittens, but he does tend to sit back and watch for a minute before he jumps in. I’d describe him as cautious. In our experience this personality type tends to bond very closely with those it comes to trust and love.

He is very athletic and is a bit of a jumper  🙂  He is a very funny and foolish kitten. He loves feather toys and will chase one around for hours.

His pattern and coloration are quite masked in the latest pictures as the fuzzy stage really affects his appearance. This is one of those kittens where the camera seems to pick up every guard hair. Looking past that though it is apparent that he is going to reveal a very high contrast pattern once he clears up.  He is very glittered and at present it presents as silver glitter which is not common and quite impressive.

All in all this is a very active, outgoing kitten.

$1200 HST included as a pet

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