Our Parent Cats


Our Female is Brilliant Royal Treat and our male isĀ ICSpots XFactor (Wildfires Precious is our latest female and Wildexpressions WeWilly is our latest male. pictures to follow)

Brilliant Royal Treat answers to Treat and she is the princess of the house.

Breeders 2nd Queen
She was an incredibly pretty kitten but even then she made everyone aware that she was royalty.
She has grown into a beautiful cat and she is an excellent mother. She is what we often refer to as the modern Bengal meaning that her head shape/profile is more like a domestic cat then an ALC. While the breed standard favors the ALC head a great many people prefer this look.
Royal Treat, one of the breeders Queens
She loves playing with her kittens and it is not rare to see her tail puffed up like a feather duster. This is a trait we have seen in many of her kittens as well. She also seem to pass on her traits of making strange noises like chirps and odd trilling sounds. If you see a Bengal with its tail fluffed up and ears laid back like below it is probably not a good time to sneak up and scare it.
Royal Treat with her tail fluffed out
Royal Treat, the breeders 2nd Queen
As you can see in the photos she has remained quite whited and her kittens by XFactor have consistently been a a superiour blend of the two.

ICSpots XFactor

Click here to see his pedigree

Breeders stud, XFactor
XFactor never fails to bring a smile to my face. He is so male in his behavior that you have to admire him for what he is, a true alpha.He is only nine months old in these pictures and is still growing into his ears but otherwise his proportions are already excellent.

He is heavily boned and well muscled and where WildOne uses her wits he will enviably try and muscle his way though things.

His markings are very well defined and he shows excellent clarity and definition. It is amazing how different he appears under various light sources but one thing remains consistant, he is very pretty and he knows it.

Xfactor, breeders stud showing pattern
The above picture was included to attempt to show XFactors glittered coat. It tough to get a good picture of it but if you noticed the gold glitter between his ears thats not a trick of light. He is quite well glittered down his back and when the sunlight hits it right he sparkles like he is dusted in specs of gold. Click here for another picture of it.

As you can see he is a very well built cat. In the picture to the left he trying to figure out what lives in the printer, a favorite hobby for both cats.

XFactor has a great love of water and will wade around in the tub as it is filling up. He is the only cat I have seen that regularly sticks his nose under water.

He is a tremendous suck up and loves to cuddle up on our laps late at night. We are very very pleased with XFactor and expect him to father some excellent kittens.